My thoughts about others suffering

My thoughts about others suffering

All too often, I hear from people either in my group or by phone or even at my church , how difficult the diet has become. For various reasons!  Some are Celiac’s, but some are just gluten sensitive.  The suffering I hear about is not just the restricted diet, but the chronic symptoms they endure on a daily basis.  Why is there so much illness in general today?

While most people who have celiac disease understand the importance of avoiding gluten, and in time most feel quite a bit better just from avoidance, then  what about others who seem to be gluten sensitive and then some?  How has this happened?  When I was growing up , we never heard of all these sensitivities with food.  Even before my time, in the 1960’s and 70’s the food was more pure, and wasn’t genetically altered.   Can the processing of foods today be causing perfectly healthy people to be sick just from eating processed foods?  I think so!   Because as I started to say,  before my time, the food was more pure.  Cheese and bread were real food, and there wasn’t so much with the pesticides, and chemicals. Animals graised naturally!   While you heard of rare cases back then of cancer or even Celiac, and other diseases, and they were certainly there,  it wasn’t so wide spread as today. Could it be that it’s just publicized more?   I feel terrible every time I hear of a little child with celiac disease, and at such a young age have to be so careful with what they eat. Or worse yet, it kills me each time I hear of little babies and young children with cancer.  Their lives have barely begun. What is it that’s effecting our children?   Well, I think it’s a number of things,  environment, toxins, food with preservatives and artificial colors, etc.   What can we as individuals do?   Well it comes down to each family doing what they can to help prevent some of this.  And live and be able to eat healthy!  When we do I believe we are less likely to get some of these diseases.  Not a guarantee, but more likely.  Celiac is different, we are usually born with that.   I have had a lot of illness in my life.  I was born with Celiac disease, suffered a major appendix burst at the age of 8, in a coma from that for almost a month.  I had to learn to walk and talk after that.  And since then have suffered a whole host of health issues throughout my life.  But because of eating gluten free, and handling most of it with natural means, I’ve done quite well, and I’m still alive to tell you about it at 57 years old.  I have to confess though, I am limited , and have to really watch everything I do and eat.  I also have to exercise and get a lot of rest.

So  My conclusion for myself, (and I want to encourage you with this),  is to eat as organic as I can.  limit my use of medications as best I can, because I do need some, to help me live.  Stay as positive as I can,(Focusing on positive things),  and make sure that I take what I’ve been through to help others.  Because without real purpose and the right perspective, we can feel hopeless, depression can set in, and we will want to just give up!  I can say that because I have felt that way many times.  Too much, too many symptoms! Get me out of this body!   Have you ever felt that way?   But I’ve learned that I can inspire others , and take respites of fun in between those really hard days of illness. And you know what?  You can too.  I know there are those of you, who are out there saying, ” this is too hard!”.  Suffering and pain have little mercy!  I know!   But pray and ask God to change your perspective, and look up, because in spite of your terrible days of not feeling well,  I still believe “The best is yet to come” .   Being others oriented, and allowing your suffering to be used for good, is a good place to start.  Love to you all!   You have hope and a future!

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