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The hazards of cross contamination with Celiac Disease Video

I Have had more than one experience with getting sick from cross contamination of combining gluten foods with Gluten containing foods.  When I was first diagnosed over 25 years ago very little was known about the disease. So when… Read More

Thoughts on Gluten free Restaurants and eating out!

I have had a lot of people approach me, with questions about eating out and remaining Gluten free!  Well, as I’ve said in other articles, today it isn’t quite as challenging as it used to be.  I could… Read More

My Inspirations—my Son, my Aunts, and my Son’s Girlfriend!

My son Paul and I are very close.  I’m so blessed to have such a fun, loving, and inspiring son.  He has always been my husband’s pride and joy as well.  When my mother passed away, which was… Read More

Gluten-Free Lunch with a Friend

Today I got together with my friend, Racheal, who also has Celiac disease.  It was her birthday, and I wanted to do something special for her food-wise.  So, we came up with making my recipe of homemade borscht… Read More

My Adventure and Getaway at the Homestead in the Northwest

This weekend I had the wonderful privilege of attending a retreat with my church at a beautiful homestead here in Washington State.  And, of course one of the main things to prepare in getting ready to go is… Read More

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My First Visit to a Chinese Restaurant Since my Celiac Disease Diagnosis

Wow!  I could hardly believe it!  After years of not being able to eat Chinese food out in a restaurant because of the gluten issue, finally there it was: a Chinese restaurant with a gluten-free menu. My favorite food,… Read More