The hazards of cross contamination with Celiac Disease Video

I Have had more than one experience with getting sick from cross contamination of combining gluten foods with Gluten containing foods.  When I was first diagnosed over 25 years ago very little was known about the disease. So when I went to pot lucks with friends, or tried to eat out, no one understood what this was all about. I was in a place where I had to avoid restaurants all together, which I hated , and I had to always bring my food with me when invited to friends and family members homes. It was tough. But then before I knew , it there was a trend taking place and restaurants and individuals were catching on. It was making it easier to go out again, and eat with others with less fear of cross contamination of the food I could eat. Over time, I was finding other people getting diagnosed with the Disease.  So, I began eating out.  Today, I find that a lot of restaurants get it, and have a separate place in their kitchens where they can cook the gluten free foods safely for you. Some have a good idea , but not enough. You have to really check around.

Now Pizza was one of my favorites, and that’s a little harder. Mostly because nearly all the pizza places make both gluten free and Gluten pizza in the same kitchen and cook it in the same oven, causing cross contamination that can make someone as sensitive with Celiac disease very sick. And yes , there are some pizza places or Italian restaurants that are gluten free, but you have to check around.  I recently came across some information I think you may find helpful, on cross contamination. See below!  And Thanks for visiting this site!


This video posted by CNBC about the hazard of cross contamination in restaurants. Especially with Pizza facilities because of the mixed flours used.  If you want to know more about Cross contamination and how serious it is for Celiac sufferer’s , take a moment to watch this video. It explains why it’s not safe for someone with Celiac Disease to eat in most Pizza places especially ones that makes both Gluten free and wheat crusts in the same kitchen. Take a look!


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