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Group Hug

My new book

I recently wrote a book entitled “Never Alone”. Its about the importance of friendship and family with God at the center. Its about the importance of supporting each other in good times and those harder times we find… Read More

Preparing to be gluten-free before a major event!

So this is Sunday, August 5, a little less than one week before my son’s wedding. Since I am so sensitive to gluten due to celiac disease my husband and I agreed that to be safe, and to feel… Read More

Allergy Season, Celiac disease and Gluten sensitivity

Today, I was asked a question about seasonal allergies and how to treat them with Celiac Disease and Gluten sensitivity. You know, those watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, congestion, in some severe allergies even breathing problems.  Well there is… Read More

How is it, we keep making the same Mistakes? Stay on target with Celiac Disease!

I guess it happens all the time, doesn’t it!  I fall into the same trap every time. What am I talking about?  Getting into Gluten through supplements.  Having Celiac disease doesn’t exclude you from needing supplements, in fact because most… Read More

Gluten free cooking spray

Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

I went to make breakfast today, and couldn’t figure out why I was getting gluten intolerance symptoms again. Symptoms of getting into gluten like gas, bloating, the blues, rashes, numbness and tingling in my hands, pain and swelling… Read More

The frustrations of true Celiac disease and the complications that arise from it.

Ever feel Frustrated with this disease?  Well, crap, I do!  And it’s hard because I’m such a social person who likes to have a good time. I grew up in a family of really great Italian cooks, and… Read More

Suggestions and herbs you can take for the flu!

Everyone dreads that awful season that is upon us now. Yes, it’s the flu season! While winter time can be a happy time with the holidays, family gatherings, snow activities etc. There is an epidemic that comes each… Read More

Studies Differentiate Celiac Disease from Gluten Sensitivity

Recently, my nutritionist Karl Mincin, sent me these two articles on how Italian and U.S. Researchers differentiate between Celiac Disease, which is an autoimmune disease, and Gluten sensitivity which is just that, a sensitivity to it. Which means it’s… Read More

Depression and Celiac Disease

Recently, I was reading an article about depression and Celiac disease. It spoke of the high incidence of depression in Celiac patients and the high suicide rate that goes along with it. The way the article was written,… Read More

Gluten Allergy Test, is it Necessary?

Is a gluten allergy test necessary? Interesting question!  I have suffered for years with Celiac disease, and I have some pretty strong feelings about this disease and gluten sensitivity.  I would like to share some of my specific thoughts… Read More

Beware Gluten Zone! Enter at your own risk!

So this past week, my husband and I drove to California from Washington State to go to my nephews wedding.   So we drove our camper to ensure my own kitchen along the way.  You know, to ensure I… Read More

Celiac Disease or something else? What’s happening?

We hear so much today about Gluten intolerance!   Ok, what does that mean?  Well it’s not as simple as we think.  Why are so many people having trouble with Gluten in the food?  What’s happened to the food… Read More

My thoughts about others suffering

All too often, I hear from people either in my group or by phone or even at my church , how difficult the diet has become. For various reasons!  Some are Celiac’s, but some are just gluten sensitive.  The… Read More

Football Game Pizza Party

I went to a pizza party the other day in celebration of the Seahawks having their first football game of the season.  Everyone ordered pizza from a local pizza place.  At first, I thought for sure I wouldn’t… Read More

My Grandmother’s History with Untreated Celiac, and Her Favorite Recipe

Chicken Parmesan was a recipe my grandmother loved to make, and we loved to eat it.  Because my grandmother (my father’s mother) had a lot of health issues and was quite sickly, she often would delegate to others… Read More