How is it, we keep making the same Mistakes? Stay on target with Celiac Disease!

I guess it happens all the time, doesn’t it!  I fall into the same trap every time. What am I talking about?  Getting into Gluten through supplements.  Having Celiac disease doesn’t exclude you from needing supplements, in fact because most of us with this disease suffer from malabsorption. An inability to digest and absorb nutrients which can lead to so many health issues and other autoimmune disorders.  So the need for supplementation is essential.  So what do we do?  We have to be sure that the supplements we use are certified as Gluten free. Not just labeled as Gluten free. Some of the supplement companies will say wheat free , soy free, dairy free, non GMO,etc.  But if it doesn’t say Gluten free you could be taking a risk.  I made that mistake just last week. I started taking a supplement that said wheat free, but not gluten free. The two are different. I couldn’t figure out why I was getting old symptoms back. Symptoms of terrible stomach pain, diarrhea, throwing up, depression, fatigue, muscle aches and twitching, headaches and more.   Because gluten is poison to the Celiac, it effects everything , and it causes permanent damage. The stomach pain I was experiencing was so excruciating, I was desperate to find what could have caused it.  Well, I had also eaten at a restaurant, and got sick from that. A restaurant my son pointed out, that I get sick at every time I’ve tried it.  But we all forget, and we do it again.  And I know about being careful, but I forget, and it’s mainly because it can be so strict, once in a while you don’t want to have to think about it, and everything you touch.  So I traced down three sources. A lipstick I had tried, not certified with foreign ingredients ,(Big no no), the restaurant, and the new supplement. No wonder I was so sick.  So my friends, it very important to keep your eye on the ball.  Avoid it at all costs, do the best you can, and be very sure that the supplements, and medications are certified Gluten free. If not, it could be a crap shoot, and before you know it, the gluten exposure from having Celiac disease bites you in the rear end literally, and your sicker than a dog.  Terrible! Be careful and I will too.  The cost of getting into gluten is a price too high to pay with long term damage. And the nice thing is, when you are completely gluten free all the symptoms settle down, and you feel so much better.  Staying gluten free!   Iris

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