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Choose TWO Nutrient Quick Tests FREE

Choose TWO Nutrient Quick Tests FREE  Zinc Tally Taste Test  Calcium Balance BPCC more accurate bone density  Iron Indicators pre-screen the necessity for blood testing  Vitamin C Tissue Level (saliva)  Potassium Adequacy (taste… Read More

Establishing NUTRITIONAL Baselines

Establishing NUTRITIONAL Baselines Adapted from Lindsey Duncan, C.N. by Karl J. Mincin, Clinical Nutritionist   WHAT IS A NUTRITIONAL BASELINE? Discovering your nutritional baseline might be the single most important step you take to improving your health. A… Read More

Pre-Biotics article by Karl Mincin, Clinical Nutritionist

Here Karl discusses the meaning of Pre-biotics and their role in good digestive health. This is interesting for those individuals who are not necessarily Celiac, but still struggle with Gluten sensitivity and food allergies in general. I recently… Read More


Pro-biotic Tips that can help with Celiac Disease Chronic inflammation!

Here is an article From Karl Mincin, a clinical nutritionist from Mount Vernon, Wa. Karl specializes in Digestive disorders, and you may find his article on Probiotic rotation very helpful. Probiotics is something I have found helpful with… Read More

A Great Book: “In Memory of Bread” by Paul Graham

I’m Paul Graham, and I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012. I’m a college professor—I teach English at St Lawrence University in Canton, NY—and so my desire to understand the historical, medical, and social significance of having… Read More