Establishing NUTRITIONAL Baselines

Establishing NUTRITIONAL Baselines

Adapted from Lindsey Duncan, C.N.
by Karl J. Mincin, Clinical Nutritionist



Discovering your nutritional baseline might be the single most important step you take to improving your health.

A nutritional baseline is a whole-body assessment of your specific health status and needs. It is designed to establish your overall “health complexion”– your inherent strengths and weaknesses and genetic predisposition, as well as your current (and past) dietary and life style choices. Whether you feel perfectly well, or are suffering from chronic symptoms or a more serious condition, a nutritional baseline will help you to understand your health from a “whole-body” perspective.



In evaluating an individual’s genetic predisposition, a nutritionist will want to know about your family’s health history. For instance, if your parents and/or grandparents smoked cigarettes and/or had lung cancer, you may have been born with weak lungs. And if your family has a history of colon cancer or constipation, it’s highly likely that you’ve inherited a structurally weak bowel. Is arthritis common in your family? You too might be more susceptible to this over-acid condition. Has breast cancer struck any of the women in your family? Chances are you’ve inherited a sluggish or week lymphatic system. Are heart issues or high cholesterol a problem in your family? A weakened circulatory system could be one of many genetic gifts given to you by your mother or father. Every human on the planet is born with genetic strengths and weaknesses, some more so than others. The trick is to give extra nourishment and attention to the potential problem areas. This is where a healthy diet and individualized supplementation can make a world of difference. Prevention is the best medicine!



Your own nutritional baseline supplies you with the knowledge you need to address potential problem areas and keep your body healthy. It teaches you to make sure you supply your inherently weak or constipated colon with plenty of high fiber foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a good fiber supplement. It teaches you to make sure you supply your over-acid body with an abundance of alkalizing leafy green vegetables and green super-food concentrates, while staying away from acid (arthritis) forming foods such as sugar, alcohol and red meat. It teaches you to make sure you supply your sluggish lymphatic system with live foods (containing live versus dead enzymes) such as fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of fresh water, and to avoid saturated fats and heavy, processed foods that tend to stagnate the lymph. It’s vitally important to understand your body’s inherent weaknesses and biochemical tendencies (acid, alkaline, etc.). Armed with this information, as well as nutritional knowledge, you are in the unique position to prevent potential health problems and chronic disease conditions.



Your own nutritional baseline should be established by a reputable, practicing nutritionist who uses some type of biochemical analysis of hair, saliva, and urine. I prefer this over blood analysis for several reasons. It is non-invasive and supplies a more stable reading. Each test has its strengths and its weaknesses; a combination of several different tests, pointing at the same nutrient, provide the grounds for selecting the most effective, fastest acting and the safest nutritional remedy, as well as providing the best assurance for long-term overall balance.



By understanding the biochemical tendencies and inherent weaknesses (and strengths) of your body, a professional nutritionist can tailor a nutritional program specifically for you. He or she will teach you what types of foods are best suited to your specific needs, what supplements would be beneficial, and what organs in your body need special attention and supplementation. A personalized nutritional baseline will also address and help alleviate any current health complaints you now experience, whether it’s constipation, fatigue, weight gain, headaches, PMS, allergies, or digestive disorders. In my experience it seems that almost everyone wants to be healthier and live longer. Establishing a personalized nutritional baseline takes the confusion out of what you must do to accomplish this. It offers you a specific blueprint to nutrition, supplementation, diet and life style choices. Your nutritional baseline will be a reference point you can draw from during your entire lifetime. It arms you with a wealth of knowledge about yourself. It is the first, and one of the most important, steps toward taking control of your own health and your longevity.




Professional Nutrition Services

Nutrition Resource Center, LLC   (360) 336-2616

Clinic schedules telephone consultation on a regular basis. Test kits for Hair, saliva, and urine samples are shipped via mail.

Comprehensive Professional Nutrition Services

Karl Mincin,
Clinical Nutritionist

Nutrition Resource                          

Office locations throughout Puget Sound
& by Telephone Consultation

Office hours: Mon.–Fri. 10:00a-6:00p by appt

In practice locally for 30 years as a clinical nutritionist, Karl’s comprehensive professional nutritional services range from basic nutrition counseling for those wanting to make healthy improvements in their diet and lifestyle, to advanced nutritional therapy for a specific health condition. Both of these-the basic and the therapeutic—may be addressed simultaneously.

His specialty is nutrition assessment , the scientific process of evaluating individual nutritional needs and balancing body chemistry. Using an individually selected combination of in-office, at-home and laboratory testing, he guides you in developing a personalized nutrition plan that you can live with.

It is noteworthy the degree of healing that the body can accomplish on its own, when it is provided the proper balance of raw material, nutrient building blocks. With an educational approach and liberal time spent together, Karl will assist you in establishing your own
nutrition baseline. 

Establishing a solid nutrition foundation/baseline now will allow you to attain better results from whatever other healthcare you may be involved with, be it conventional or complementary natural medicine.

In just two visits you will know with certainty which foods
and nutrients best balance your body chemistry, both to support your present health condition and to make fine-tuning adjustments as your health improves and your nutritional needs change.

Call (360) 336-2616 to schedule an appointment and receive a new patient packet, or if you need more information, to schedule a no-cost 15 minutes informational courtesy consultation (by phone or in person) and receive a complete information packet (including sample test reports).


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