Month: April 2017

Pre-Biotics article by Karl Mincin, Clinical Nutritionist

Here Karl discusses the meaning of Pre-biotics and their role in good digestive health. This is interesting for those individuals who are not necessarily Celiac, but still struggle with Gluten sensitivity and food allergies in general. I recently… Read More

Nutrition Now Beyond Gluten Free Group

Beyond Gluten free Group – Meets 1st and 3rd Tuesday 5:30pm begins in May. This group is Facilitated by Karl Mincin and hosted by Nancy Chase and staff at Shambala Bistro, located Downtown Mount Vernon at : 614… Read More

Beware Gluten Zone! Enter at your own risk!

So this past week, my husband and I drove to California from Washington State to go to my nephews wedding.   So we drove our camper to ensure my own kitchen along the way.  You know, to ensure I… Read More