Celiac Disease or something else? What’s happening?

We hear so much today about Gluten intolerance!   Ok, what does that mean?  Well it’s not as simple as we think.  Why are so many people having trouble with Gluten in the food?  What’s happened to the food supply in our country over the last several decades, that has caused so many digestive issues.  And  at such an alarming rate!   Well, over the years as I have dealt with Celiac disease, I have encountered others who don’t have celiac disease but are still Gluten intolerant.  I began to ask why is this?  I began to speak with others , and research how this has come about.  Well one cardiologist friend had a theory and how to treat it.  He felt, that for those that don’t suffer with Celiac disease there’s another thought.  He feels it isn’t the gluten they are sensitive to (Not the gluten at all) , or other food sensitivities but actually the food itself.  A digestive imbalance caused from the way it is processed, Genetically modified is just one area of concern.  And of course all the preservatives is an issue as well.  His thoughts are, that When food is consumed in it’s natural state without all the processing most of us wouldn’t even experience the digestive problems at all.  Or at least they wouldn’t be as much!  Chemicals in the foods to preserve the foods, (while necessary today, for shelf life sake), it is thought,  can cause all kinds of medical issues.  From emotional (Body chemistry imbalances), to dangerous life threatening disease, such as Cancer.  And then there is this unseen digestive problem, caused from too many antibiotics and medications, along with too much sugar.  Its known as Candida overgrowth. Which many believe is at the root of why people have become so food sensitive.


So lets take a look for a moment at why Candida has become such a problem in our culture today.  Why is it manifesting so commonly in so many?  Well it’s a bit complicated, but can be treated, there is an answer.  You see, lets start with this!  All of us have candida (or yeast ) in our digestive tract!  We all need it to live.   However, it’s when it becomes over grown in your digestive tract that it creates all kinds of havoc.  It happens as I suggested above. Too many antibiotics, sugars, wrong eating etc.  So living in the society we live in today what can we do to bring the yeast in our digestive tracts back into balance to live a better quality of life.  Well,  the answer I have found is in Probiotics and Prebiotics.  Do some research and find ones that best suit your needs.  Some Celiac’s even struggle with the digestive imbalance, and need to be sure the supplements they take ae certified Gluten free.  In this blog I list many supplement Companies that I trust.  Refer to my section of the blog on Vitamins and medications.   While the candida problem is plaguing so many today, and many don’t even know it,( because it manifests  differently in different people,) there is a way to stay healthy.  As I said, Prebiotics and probiotics and eat as natural as you can.  Avoid sugar, get regular exercise, drink healthy water, and this will help keep things in balance.  This is a serious problem that I believe is effecting many American’s, and even ruining their potential to be able to have quality of life.  I have read articles that even link it to many cancers , causing a chronic fungal issue.   Even Fibromyalgia has been thought to be  linked to this. There are  many different problems that are effecting people today that could be made better by following this protocol.   Takes a little work, but isn’t it worth it to try, and see if it doesn’t give you a better quality of life.

So to wrap things up, if you suffer from gluten intolerance and don’t’ have celiac disease,  or a lot of unexplained symptoms, I would like to suggest that you give this a try, and see if it doesn’t make a difference for you.  If you have any other questions concerning this topic,  please feel free to contact me in the comment section of this blog.   Eat well, and be well.   All my best to you!  Iris   One final note!   For further information on Candida overgrowth search google under WebMD.   That is a reliable website to learn more about it.  There is a lot of information on what it is, and how to bring it back into balance.  Because fighting it is not the answer, balancing it is!  (:

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