Suggestions and herbs you can take for the flu!

Everyone dreads that awful season that is upon us now. Yes, it’s the flu season! While winter time can be a happy time with the holidays, family gatherings, snow activities etc. There is an epidemic that comes each year that threatens to keep us down for weeks. Well there are ways to cut the duration of the flu. One is, the usual way, by getting your yearly flu shot. But it doesn’t always hit the right strains and you can end up with it anyway. I recommend you get it anyway especially if you have multiple autoimmune problems.

So here’s what I’ve come up with over the years as ways of helping rid your body of the flu. It’s important to catch it right in the beginning, when you are just coming down with it. You are more likely to knock it out if you do. If you wait too long to take natural remedies , your less likely to be successful in cutting the duration. So yes, the first step is to take action when you first feel the symptoms. And here is a list of flu remedies that are Gluten free and can help as I said!

The list I’m providing, most can be taken as directed on the label.
1. oscillococcinum -homeopathic remedy. Take as directed on the label until your symptoms are gone.
2.Garlic-fresh is best, but you can also take a tablet form, just be sure it says Gluten free on it.
3. Zinc lozenges
4. Ginger-fresh as a tea is best
5. Elderberry herb is very good for the flu
6. Echinacea can be taken, but use caution if you have autoimmune problems, as this herb tends to overstimulate your immune system. And those with compromised health issues related to the immune system, tend to not do well with this herb.
7. colloidal Silver as directed, it is a natural, antiviral, and antifungal and antibacterial that can really help.
8. A good probiotic with billions of organisms as directed.
9. olive leaf extract- is a good antiviral, anti fungal, and it has anti-biotic qualities too.
10. Noni Juice helps to rid the flu with aloe vera Juice
So of course, you don’t need to take all of these, they are suggestions. I would try one at a time, see how you do and maybe little by little add some of the others, as it is often more than one thing that will help. It’s usually combinations of things. And lastly, which is the one I have found the most helpful is
11. Oregano oil- just be sure it’s a non GMO pure form of it.
And of course, lots of bed rest, and liquids, hot chicken soup, a steamer or vaporizer can help too, especially with congestion. Musinex is a good decongestant, and is Gluten free. And stay warm, you will heal faster! Stay well this flu season, I wish you happy and healthy holidays. Laugh a lot too, it’s a great medicine!

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