Change in support group meetings

Many of you may have noticed that our group has not met in the last month. You may have wondered if we were on summer break. Until recently, the Celiac foundation has been sponsoring our group, but that organization has decided to stop supporting local face to face meetings. Instead the CDF is focusing their energy on online support. While that works well on a national level it has left a hole locally.  That’s why I set up this Blog.  To fill that hole. My friend Norma says I fill it beautifully!  Blush! Blush!  Lol!  She’s much too kind.  So now, if you would like online support, on available items, restaurants, testing kits, recipes, etc. You can find it all right here!  You can pose questions or concerns about Gluten free living anytime on the comment section of this blog! Thanks and Happy Gluten free Living!  Iris

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