Celiac Group meeting November 2016 Camano Island, Wa.

Celiac Group meeting November 2016 Camano Island, Wa.

So today , we had a nice group of people that gathered.  Our focus today was on doing demos from the Lisanatti  food company that makes cheese alternatives. They are hand crafted artisan products, for those who don’t tolerate dairy.   They  asked  if we would evaluate and give feedback on their line of Gluten free cheeses.   Their products are  made with almonds, rice and some soybeans and we made them  as grilled cheese sandwich’s .  We  handed them out to each group member .  Each member taste tested the various sandwich’s and then wrote their opinion on the different products.  Most really enjoyed the texture and quality of the cheeses.  I personally thought it was very good.



After the taste testing , we had a time of sharing our individual stories and concerns.  I love this because,  this is a time that brings comfort and hope to one another in our struggles with living with Celiac disease and the many symptoms and ongoing autoimmune problems that go along with the disease. This is a special  group,  because we seem to do a lot of laughing, and that certainly brings joy and ease in the midst of suffering.  Even when new members come in,  they seem to fit right in with ease, and add a special element to the group.  Each person is unique,  even if we share the same disease.  Everyone , while sharing the same disease process , is still different and challenged in their own way.  And they deal with it differently.  So if we can keep it light, and fun, but also allow time to share,  I find that it’s a great balance all the way around.  So, if you live in the Camano Island/Stanwood area and would like to come out and check us out.  Our next meeting will be Saturday December 17 at 1:00pm  in the Camano Multi-purpose room, at 141 NE Camano Drive , Camano Island, Wa.    Our meetings are always every third Saturday of each month at 1:00pm.   Our next meeting will focus on a Gluten free Cookie exchange!  Hope to see you there!   If you have questions you can contact  Iris or Norma at Stanwood@celiac.org.  thanks!  Iris





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