Gluten-Free Lunch with a Friend

Gluten-Free Lunch with a Friend

Today I got together with my friend, Racheal, who also has Celiac disease.  It was her birthday, and I wanted to do something special for her food-wise.  So, we came up with making my recipe of homemade borscht (featured on this bog under recipes).  We also made gluten-free bread baked with pesto and Parmesan cheese, a salad, and cookies for dessert.  Not only did we have a nice visit together, but we also had fun creating a gluten-free lunch together.  We treated it like a craft time with a very positive attitude.  Nothing like bonding together in a kitchen with a friend and laughter and creativity.  Would I have loved to have been able to take her out to lunch?  Sure!  But, being as sensitive food-wise as we both are, this was a great substitute and much healthier.

In the old days, this is what people used to do.  My European grandparents never went out to eat; they loved making large spreads for family and friends in their homes.  Maybe, this is a trend we need to go back to.   Perhaps, it would even help with all the disconnect that we feel these days due to families living away from each other and all the forms of now-used communication like texting and messaging.  Let me encourage you to take actual, face-to-face time with family and friends.  There is nothing like it.  We need to get back to being able to see each other and look each other in the eye, so we can see the love and compassion in each other.  We need to be giving hugs and shaking hands.  We need the warmth of fellowship in our relationships again.  This cannot be done through texting and computers and by being so busy that all you accomplish is exhaustion, misunderstandings, and if I may say, loneliness!   In your old age it won’t be computers caring for you or texting or Facebook friends.  No, I’m sorry, but this needs to be family and friends, and it won’t happen unless you slow down and take the time to cultivate those relationships.  This can begin with sharing home-cooked meals together.

Thanks for hearing my heart today!  Be well; hug and love each other as we all need it.









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