Celiac Group Meeting, September 2016

Celiac Group Meeting, September 2016

Today, we had another Celiac group meeting that I facilitate with a friend (Norma Mouton).  These meetings are such a blessing.  We had three new women come in today.  They shared their hearts, frustrations, questions, and fears.  Together, we shared snacks, we laughed, and some of us cried.  However, by the end of the meeting, we all left feeling encouraged and informed.  I was particularly impressed at how we listened to each other and offered comfort and support.

And yes, we talked about the disease and the challenges we face on a daily basis, but we also spoke about how we could have fun with the meetings.  I’m all about having fun, you know!  Anyone who knows me knows it’s a true fact for sure!  The fun sick person!  What can I tell ya!  Bostonian accent again!   Anyway, we would like to accomplish making the meetings fun and enjoyable in various ways.   We can have pot lucks, guest speakers, and classes for cooking for people with Celiac disease.  Also, we may want to do some videos together and possibly even go on some field trips.   We want to support each other, but it’s important to thrive instead of just survive and to enjoy the journey.

The group is growing at this point, and I would encourage anyone who reads this blog and lives in the Stanwood, Washington are to consider coming to one of our group meetings.  If you don’t live nearby, join me on the blog and catch up on what’s new in terms of information, recipes, and ideas on how to thrive instead of just survive with all the dietary limitations.  We’ll get there, one day and one meal at a time.  And, remember “Laughter doeth good as a medicine.” Healing comes when we have a joyful heart!  Take this medicine daily it’s not only free, but also gluten-free!

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