Choose TWO Nutrient Quick Tests FREE

Choose TWO Nutrient Quick Tests FREE

 Zinc Tally Taste Test
 Calcium Balance BPCC more accurate bone density
 Iron Indicators pre-screen the necessity for blood testing
 Vitamin C Tissue Level (saliva)
 Potassium Adequacy (taste test)
 B-Vitamin Examination (B2+B6 or B12+Folate)
 Iodine Skin Patch Test
 Vitamin D Joint Popping Index
 Professional Vitamin Review & Medication Interactions
 Hidden Nutritional Indicators on your
so-called “normal” blood test

Instant Feedback of Your Nutritional Status
Each additional Quick Test costs only $5.00 ($40. for all 10
Includes 15-minute consultation
with clinical nutritionist Karl J. Mincin.

By appointment only (360) 336-2616


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