Celiac group meeting Saturday January 21, 2017

January 27, 2017

So Today we met and had a Pizza party with 3 different types of frozen Gluten free pizzas to try.  The first one was the best!  It was made by a company out of New England called against the grain breads.  It was as close to regular pizza you could get, and they even make ones with no red sauce as a base, but Pesto sauce.  The second one was from a company called, ” Bold”!  It was good, but the crust was very thin , and it was short on flavor, but not bad.  The third one was from a company called “Amy’s kitchen”.  While I like a lot of Amy’s kitchen products, their Pizza isn’t my favorite.  But Ok! But It was a fun time for sure.  We love to meet, and share food and discussion.  Discussing our challenges and future ideas, is a real uplift for all of us. Today’s discussion was about chronic stomach inflammation, and other chronic symptoms that don’t seem to disappear even after having been on the Gluten Free diet for sometime.  We spoke about the possibility of having a nutritionist come in to address this issue.  I have been in touch with a nutritionist, and he has some ideas on what could help with some of these stubborn symptoms.  We had talked about having him come possibly in May.  We also discussed the frustrations of chronic illness and not being able to work, and how difficult it is to meet your needs economically , and the challenges with that.  Encouraging time of sharing and venting for sure.  It was a mix of serious discussion as well as much needed laughter.  Until next time.  Everyone stay well.


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