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You know a lot of people have not considered medications they take when trying to be gluten-free.  I know this, because when I first learned I had Celiac disease, I wasn’t aware that medications and vitamins had gluten in them.  I’ve also had other people voice the same concern.  I learned that this is due to cross contamination issues from being processed with other drugs that could also have some gluten exposure. Even if gluten isn’t added to the drug or vitamin, I learned I had to ask questions about how the drug is processed.  I would say, “Okay, so you didn’t add gluten to the product.  Well, is it possible the drug could be exposed to other drugs that contain gluten while made on a similar line?  Do you test them to be sure?”  Most companies will tell you if they are tested.  If not, then I would avoid that product and continue your search for the medication you need that is made from a certified gluten-free company.

If they are tested, ask at how many parts per million they are tested at.  By that, I mean most Celiacs can tolerate a small amount of gluten in products or food.  Allow me to explain.  I think it’s almost impossible to avoid gluten 100% since gluten is everywhere!  So, it’s helpful to know that there is a threshold of tolerance that is safe to consume.  The Celiac Institute shares that the threshold is a maximum of 20 parts per million.  When a company tells you they test to the FDA’s standards, that’s what they mean.  A lot of the supplements I take are tested at 5 parts per million, well below the standard of safety.   I hope I’m being clear.  If not, you can always post a comment, and I can explain with more clarity.

Below, I share a link that will make this easier, entitled:  “The Gluten Free Alpha Drug List.”  This is a list from A to Z of all the drugs that are safe for people with Celiac disease.  They have been researched and tested and certified.  If you go there, look up the medication you need to first see if it is there on the list.  If it is, then it’s okay to take it.  Then, look for a company name next to drug.  You will need to have your pharmacist order the product for you only from that company.  However, there are other drugs that could be gluten-free and safe that are not listed on this list.  All that means is that they haven’t been researched.  You can also get the company name from your druggist, and make the call yourself and ask the questions I’ve described above.

I hope this helps!  It was a pharmacist who led me to the Alpha Drug list, and I have found it to be very accurate. Good luck and be well!


Here is the Alpha Drug list link:





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