Vitamin Companies I have researched that are gluten free and certified

Vitamin Companies I have researched that are gluten free and certified



Every now and then I call a company when I want to try a new supplement.  Today I called The company called “Now” and asked about their gluten free line.  This is what they had to say. They said,  that while their supplements don’t have any Gluten free added ingredients, they are not tested and certified to not contain any microscopic gluten Ingredients.  So although it’s unlikely that they would contain gluten, there is no guarantee for sure.  Some of the other posts I’ve done on certified gluten free products, are ones that test for microscopic grams below 20 parts per million grams of gluten.  They are the ones I would recommend.  The company ” Now “does not do that!   While they are high quality vitamins and supplements, if you are very sensitive, I would use caution on your use of their formulas.  Also refer to my earlier post on vitamins and supplements and medications.  In addition, below see the vitamin and supplement companies I have researched and used with no problems.  Those listed,  I know test for microscopic grams of gluten and  below 20 parts per million.  20 parts per million is a safe level of gluten exposure for celiac disease, especially if you are very sensitive.  I am one of those very sensitive people.  Many of the companies test at 5 parts per million grams of gluten, well below the threshold of tolerance for Celiac disease. When a bottle of vitamins is labeled certified GF, it means it’s been tested as safe for Celiac disease.  Just plain GF label may not be enough for some, so I always recommend calling the company and ask if their tested, if not it’s best to avoid that product. Because all it means is that no gluten has been added to the product. It does not mean it hasn’t been exposed to other gluten in the processing of other products.   I hope this helps!  Be well.   Iris

Vitamin companies I have used and researched :

1-Freeda Vitamins  47-25 34th Str. 3rd floor , Long Island City, N.Y.  718- 433-4337

2-Institute for specialized medicine (Vitamins and herbs)- out of Del Mar , California  – The company name is “Reliv”.   Most of their supplements are gluten free and tested, they have a few that aren’t.  But made in a separate facility.  They are Out of Missouri!   I am a distributor! I was tested for gluten with blood work while on their classic formula, and it tested negative for gluten exposure.

4-Country life vitamins- I know they test all their formulas, but I have not used them regularly.

5-pure encapsulations  – They have a good line of supplements  and can be reached at 1-800-753-2277.  Or you can purchase them through Emerson  website.

6-Celi Vites   857-206-5083 out of Kennebunkport, Maine

  • 7 -Marz Nutrition / vitamins and supplements  at : 2002 SE 50th Avenue Portland, Oregon  97215/  Phone #. (800)-424-6664 or (503) 233 9553.  Dr. Russell Marz is the founder of this company which has been established since 1985.  He is the founder and researcher of Omnivite vitamins , and other GF supplements.
  • I wanted to add an update for you on Now Vitamins and supplements .   I met with my nutritionist Karl Mincin yesterday. He assured me that although their company does not test for microscopic grams of gluten, they are so careful that he felt it would be alright.  He has a number of patients on the Now products with Celiac Disease, and has not heard of any ill effects from the products.  So I will give it a try and keep people posted.  The prices are reasonable that’s for sure.




*So these are the companies I have used and researched.  It doesn’t mean that there aren’t others!  It’s just that these are the primary ones I have used and researched and done well with.  This should be enough choices to get you started.



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