Vitamins, Herbs, and Probiotics Safe for People with Celiac Disease (Iris Suggests)

I know a lot of people don’t consider vitamins being a problem, as many of the vitamin companies label their products as being gluten-free.  But, are they really gluten-free?  While they say they don’t add gluten to their products, which is probably true, do they test them for cross contamination?   Some companies do but some don’t.  The testing can be expensive to do, so some don’t test the products.   So, before you order or buy vitamins and supplements, always ask if they are certified and tested for gluten.  The companies either have a websites where you can ask a question, or sometimes there’s a number where you can call and speak to a representative directly.  The companies I use are tested at below a level of 20 parts per million grams of gluten or less.  Most Celiacs can tolerate up to 20 parts per million and not have a reaction.  The companies I recommend and use myself are actually tested at 5 parts per million grams of gluten, well below the 20 parts per million grams of gluten found in a lot of products.  It’s almost impossible not to have any, although I have a found a few vitamin companies  that claim there are no parts per million. However,  Here’s a list of companies I have found to be safe and have used for years:

Reliv at

Celi-vites out of Kennebunkport, Maine 857-206-5083

Freeda Vitamins , Long Island City N.Y.  718-433-4337

Institute for specialized medicine

pure encapsulations Inc. , Sudbury, Ma.  I got this thru my doctor.

Culturelle Probiotics are also safe.

*These companies have quite a selection of vitamins, herbs, and probiotics.  I’m sure there are other companies as well, but these are the main ones I use.  Because I am so sensitive to gluten, I figure if I’m able to tolerate a product then anyone can–if you know what I mean!

Be well!


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