A Great Book: “In Memory of Bread” by Paul Graham

A Great Book: “In Memory of Bread” by Paul Graham

I’m Paul Graham, and I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012. I’m a college professor—I teach English at St Lawrence University in Canton, NY—and so my desire to understand the historical, medical, and social significance of having celiac disease led me to write In Memory of Bread, which is a blend of memoir, food writing, and historical writing. My goal was to tell a story that people with dietary restrictions (whether gluten or anything else) could relate to. I also wanted to help people who don’t have those restrictions understand what it’s like. In the book, I also sort through some difficult, and at times conflicting, medical studies to help people with celiac disease understand potential causes. I live in upstate New York, on the Canadian border, with my wife, who is also GF. Many of my passions make it into this book: cooking, running, living in a rural, farming community, and dogs.

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