Welcome to CeliacDisease.Tips

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Celiacdisease.tips.   I created this blog because I have Celiac Disease myself ,and wanted to inspire others with Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, to thrive and not just survive with the disease. On this Blog you will find recipes with photos from many categories.  Thoughts and suggestions offered to assist you in choices you may need to make about vitamins, medications, gluten free dining, etc. I also share my personal family photos and stories.  There is also a gluten free mall you can order products and food stuff that is all certified gluten free.  I also host articles from other people, such as Nutritionists and authors with Celiac disease.  So please feel free to let me know you stopped by. I welcome any thoughts, questions, or suggestions you may have. Hope to hear from you soon.  Iris Smith