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Gluten Free Mongolian Beef with Scallions

My daughter-in law loves Mongolian Beef, both at the restaurant and to make it herself.  In light of the fact that Samantha loves this, I wanted to share it on my blog. This recipe is a little different from hers, and… Read More

Golden Turmeric Rice dish

This recipe is a delicious and fairly easy recipe to make.  My family loved it when I made it for them. I got the recipe from my produce delivery Company. Klesick Farms is where the recipe came from,… Read More

Gluten free Daikon Radish Salad

This very refreshing, crunchy, and slightly tangy Asian -inspired recipe is very good and quite simple to make. This recipe was shared with me from my Produce delivery folks from Klesick Farms.  Included in my delivery of fresh… Read More

Radio interview with Nutritionist Karl Mincin on Food Allergies

  This is a radio interview with Nutritionist Karl Mincin discussing food allergies and reactions to foods we eat. If you suffer from Gluten free issues as well as non Gluten free issues, or food allergies, you may find… Read More

gluten free rotisserie chicken

Gluten Free Rotisserie Chicken Dinner

  Check out this video of a gluten free rotisserie chicken dinner.

Gluten Free New England Corn Chowder!

New England Corn Chowdah! Here is a recipe a friend of mine from Texas sent to me. She happened to be making it one day,and shared it on face book with her friends. I saw it, and asked… Read More

Gluten Free Veal Piccata

Veal Piccata is something my family made once in a while, when I was growing up.  It was more popular back then probably because it was so good, and it was cultural. I’m not sure why we don’t… Read More

Gluten Free Veal Parmesan with Meatballs in Marinara Sauce

Italian Veal or Chicken Parmesan with meatballs and marinara dinner! In this recipe I often use boneless chicken breast in place of veal if I can’t find the veal. The recipe would be exactly the same with chicken… Read More

Gluten Free Mexican Turkey Lasagna

A friend of mine came to visit to help me one evening, and I asked her if she could surprise me with a new idea for a Gluten free recipe. Here’s what she came up with. It was… Read More

Homemade Gluten free Italian Pizza

So this is a simple recipe and doesn’t take very long to prepare. It especially doesn’t take long to prepare if you have a friend or family member to do it with. Getting a pre-mix for the Pizza… Read More

Gluten-Free Meal Plans Great for Anyone With Celiac Disease

Check out this article by Shape Magazine Meal planning can be tricky if you have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. We have the plans that help. Let’s face it: Gluten intolerance isn’t pretty, causing symptoms like gas, bloating,… Read More

Gluten Free Creamy Italian Pasta Salad Recipe

Here is part of a great article and Recipe from Mama Knows Gluten Free There is nothing simpler or more satisfying than a big beautiful bowl of pasta salad. The homemade creamy Italian dressing really is the showstopper of… Read More

Pre-Biotics article by Karl Mincin, Clinical Nutritionist

Here Karl discusses the meaning of Pre-biotics and their role in good digestive health. This is interesting for those individuals who are not necessarily Celiac, but still struggle with Gluten sensitivity and food allergies in general. I recently… Read More

Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Pears

Whipped Sweet Potatoes With Pears   So this recipe is one that my friend Ursula from New Hampshire shared with me.  When I was living in New Hampshire, she and her husband invited us to dinner one evening… Read More

The Flu Season and Celiac Disease–Egg Drop Soup and Stewed Apples recipes

Well, the flu season is upon us.  We need to be thinking about how to treat the colds and flus we get and still remain gluten-free!  I have caught a little cold or the flu, not sure which… Read More