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This category will feature guest writers with articles about Celiac Disease. Perhaps a mention of supplements and or medication suggestions and ideas from pharmacists, nutritionists, and doctors. This category may also feature guest speakers that come to our support group.

Choose TWO Nutrient Quick Tests FREE

Choose TWO Nutrient Quick Tests FREE  Zinc Tally Taste Test  Calcium Balance BPCC more accurate bone density  Iron Indicators pre-screen the necessity for blood testing  Vitamin C Tissue Level (saliva)  Potassium Adequacy (taste test)  B-Vitamin Examination (B2+B6 or B12+Folate)  Iodine Skin Patch Test  Vitamin D Joint Popping…

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Establishing NUTRITIONAL Baselines

Establishing NUTRITIONAL Baselines Adapted from Lindsey Duncan, C.N. by Karl J. Mincin, Clinical Nutritionist   WHAT IS A NUTRITIONAL BASELINE? Discovering your nutritional baseline might be the single most important step you take to improving your health. A nutritional baseline is a whole-body assessment of your specific health status and needs. It is designed to…

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Pre-Biotics article by Karl Mincin, Clinical Nutritionist

Here Karl discusses the meaning of Pre-biotics and their role in good digestive health. This is interesting for those individuals who are not necessarily Celiac, but still struggle with Gluten sensitivity and food allergies in general. I recently added a pre-biotic to my regimen along with pro-biotics(which is different) and am finding relief in how…

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Pro-biotic Tips that can help with Celiac Disease Chronic inflammation!

Here is an article From Karl Mincin, a clinical nutritionist from Mount Vernon, Wa. Karl specializes in Digestive disorders, and you may find his article on Probiotic rotation very helpful. Probiotics is something I have found helpful with the chronic inflammation that seems to plague many celiac’s. Visit Karl’s Website for this and other articles: …

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A Great Book: “In Memory of Bread” by Paul Graham

I’m Paul Graham, and I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2012. I’m a college professor—I teach English at St Lawrence University in Canton, NY—and so my desire to understand the historical, medical, and social significance of having celiac disease led me to write In Memory of Bread, which is a blend of memoir, food…

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