Month: May 2018

Golden Turmeric Rice dish

This recipe is a delicious and fairly easy recipe to make.  My family loved it when I made it for them. I got the recipe from my produce delivery Company. Klesick Farms is where the recipe came from,… Read More

How is it, we keep making the same Mistakes? Stay on target with Celiac Disease!

I guess it happens all the time, doesn’t it!  I fall into the same trap every time. What am I talking about?  Getting into Gluten through supplements.  Having Celiac disease doesn’t exclude you from needing supplements, in fact because most… Read More

Gluten free Daikon Radish Salad

This very refreshing, crunchy, and slightly tangy Asian -inspired recipe is very good and quite simple to make. This recipe was shared with me from my Produce delivery folks from Klesick Farms.  Included in my delivery of fresh… Read More