Month: January 2018

Gluten free cooking spray

Gluten Intolerance Symptoms

I went to make breakfast today, and couldn’t figure out why I was getting gluten intolerance symptoms again. Symptoms of getting into gluten like gas, bloating, the blues, rashes, numbness and tingling in my hands, pain and swelling… Read More

Gluten Free New England Corn Chowder!

New England Corn Chowdah! Here is a recipe a friend of mine from Texas sent to me. She happened to be making it one day,and shared it on face book with her friends. I saw it, and asked… Read More

Gluten free Honey, Dijon and Balsamic dressing

I recently had guests over for dinner. I made a Gluten free lasagna, and one of my friends (who also is Gluten free), brought a salad, with a homemade Gluten free dressing.  I really liked it, and so did others…. Read More

Creamy Cucumber dressing

Recently, I decided to share homemade recipes for salad dressing.  Not just to ensure Gluten free , I needed some ideas on salad dressings that are also made with the right types of fats, and not so much… Read More