Beware Gluten Zone! Enter at your own risk!

So this past week, my husband and I drove to California from Washington State to go to my nephews wedding.   So we drove our camper to ensure my own kitchen along the way.  You know, to ensure I don’t get into gluten!  You’d think this would prevent me from getting into Gluten!  Normally yes,  but I’m one who goes into denial once in a while, and says to myself, “oh it can’t be that I’m that sensitive”. “Once won’t hurt! “, “And after all they said its Gluten free”.   Has anyone else ever done this?  Or is it just me?   I think there are others out there.  Right!  Who likes to be this strict all the time!  Heck not me, I’d rather feel like I’ve been poisoned once in a while.  Doesn’t that sound appealing?  Only if your a masochist!

So in the course of the trip, we had all our gluten free groceries, even people that visited me were careful.  My nephew even had a gluten free meal waiting for me at the wedding.   However , I can be my own worst enemy!   Oh well.   Que Sera Sera!(what will be will be!)  Right!  Doris Day once said that in a song from the 1950’s.  But she didn’t have Celiac disease!   So after cooking some meals on the trip I asked my brother Alan ,who lives there, if he knew of a Gluten free Pizza place.  He gave me a name of a restaurant I could try!  I called and they said they could make me a gluten free pizza with the crust, and be quite careful.  He did caution me though, that the oven had mixed baking in it, so if I was really sensitive he didn’t recommend I do it, because of the cross contamination risk.   So I said, “Oh it will be alright”.  So they delivered my pizza and it was really good.  Oh goody!  However, during the night, I was up throwing up and had  diarrhea.   I was very sick all night.  And I did it one other time too, not really thinking this through.   Listen , we all tend to forget especially those of us who have known for a long time.  I was diagnosed over 20 years ago, so it would stand to reason I would take my eye off the ball so to speak.  But the moment I do, I pay the price.  And it’s unfortunately a big price.  Because not only does it take its toll on you physically for several days, or even weeks sometimes, but it has such long-term effects on your immune system, and the dangerous damage it does.  It effects everything.  So be as careful as you can.  I love to go to eat as much as the next person, but when someone tells you they can’t guarantee  it to be GF the way you need it to be, or if you see they just don’t get it.  Beware, and step away from the food.  Not worth it.  I have to tell you My husband rolls his eyes a lot!  My son is starting to follow suit!  Do you blame them?  I’ll try to take my own advise.  Until the next gluttening!   Good luck to you all and feel well.   Iris   P.S. they should have road sign up for us, that say,  “Beware!  Gluten Zone, enter at your own risk”, right!

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